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Hamptons Transportation & Security

We provide services throughout the year. Therefore, if you require a transport to the airport, we can provide a chauffeur to drive you in your personal car, to the major airports in New York City, and after you’re dropped off at JFK, LGA, Newark or Teterboro airport, they will then return your vehicle to your residence, at nearly half the price of Uber and other transportation services.

We can supply full time dedicated chauffeurs, and back up chauffeurs if your primary chauffeur becomes ill. We can provide dedicated drivers for the summer in the Hamptons, or temporary drivers if your primary driver is sick or otherwise unavailable. For those who require security, we can provide security drivers, armed or unarmed. Therefore, during downtime when you’re not in the vehicle, your driver can then provide security services (client’s must specify if they want security). Whether you want to party for the weekend and you require a designated driver, or if you require a family driver for busy families, we can provide both. We can provide male and female family drivers to transport children to school and afterschool activities, throughout the year. Our personal chauffeurs are also ideal for people with special needs, such as the physically disabled, visually or hearing impaired, elderly and those with medical appointments that require an escort.

Valet Services – If you have an event that requires vehicles to be parked, please do not hesitate to contact us for valet attendants.

Family of Companies

Browse through a list of companies My Hamptons Driver is affiliated with. We hope you will take advantage of their quality services…and much more!

Confidential Concierge Support Services – We provide confidential support services to Public Relations firms, Attorneys, Artist Management & Concierges.

Multilingual Chauffeurs – Our chauffeurs speak 15 of the worlds most spoken languages, which make them a great fit for clients who visit the tri-state area who aren’t fluent in English.

Medical Procedure Escorts – provides active and retired EMS, firemen & law enforcement officers to escort clients to and from their Medical Procedure.

Cargo Security escorts – Trust your supply chain to supply to us.

Air Escorts – Law enforcement escorts for the elderly, disabled and unaccompanied minors.

Vip Security Transports – Secure transportation for executives, dignitaries & public figures in luxury vehicles operated by law enforcement security drivers.

Finest Chauffeurs – NYPD, State Troopers & FBI provide personal chauffeur services, in the client’s personal or corporate vehicle, daily, temporarily or permanently.

Finest Valet – Valet services provided for clients with exotic cars, wherever they park, in Manhattan or the Hamptons. We also provide valet services in the Hamptons for parties and private events.

Spa Car – Provides vehicles specifically designed to transport clients to a Spa. The vehicle with a soothing, tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Car to Mechanic – If you require your car to be transported to a mechanic for work, or to be wash and detailed, we’re here for you.

Pro Athlete Chauffeurs – We provide law enforcement officers to chauffeur athletes in their car or ours.

Finest Executive Protection – Executive security, law enforcement chauffeurs, security guards, security receptionist, executive protection and bodyguards.

Finest Chauffeurs Miami – Police Officer chauffeurs in Miami

Pet Finders – We’ll help you find your missing pet – cats, rabbits, gerbils and more.

Property Finders – We’ll help you find your lost property, wallet, keys, ring, bracelet, flash drive, business document, sentimental item, lost love letter, card, photo, in your home, your attic, basement, the park, the beach, or along a route you took.

NYC Ride Green – If you want to book Eco Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, EVs & Hybrids.

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